Alcohol, DUI & Drug Evaluation Services

Serving St. Clair, Madison & Monroe Counties in Illinois

About Us

The professionals at Suburban Clinical are experts in completing alcohol and drug evaluations. We have been completing drug and alcohol evaluations since the DUI Law went into effect in 1986.

Suburban Clinical is licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DASA), and approved by St. Clair, Madison, and Monroe County Circuit Courts, in addition to other County Circuit Courts to provide services to individuals who have been arrested for DUI and other substance related offenses.

We provide a healthy and supportive atmosphere, treating clients with dignity and respect. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced, working with Circuit Courts, Probation Officers and Illinois Secretary of State hearings, helping clients to obtain driving privileges.

2024 DUI Risk Education Class Schedule

All classes are 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Classes Are Remote(online)

  • January 15 - 18
  • February 12 - 15
  • March 25 - 28
  • April 22 - 25
  • May 20 - 23
  • June 24 25
  • July 22 - 25
  • August 19 - 22
  • September 23 - 26
  • October 21 - 24
  • November 18 - 21
  • December 16 - 20


  • Tom Daley
    Myself and my law firm specializes in the defense of DUI charges. We have utilized the services of Ron Vitale for both DUI evaluations and recommended treatment for the past 20 years. Mr. Vitale’s services are always very prompt and of excellent quality.
    Tom Daley
    Daley, Sheafor & Roustio, LLC
  • Greg Skinner
    I have referred clients to Ron Vitale and Suburban Clinical Services for over 25 years. They are seen in a timely manner and written evaluations are forwarded to me immediately thereafter. This assists greatly in our preparation for court. The professionalism of Suburban extends to their Risk Education program as well.. Clients advise that class times allow them to work around their employment schedule and that they benefit from the classes. I encourage anyone interested in an evaluation or risk education program to contact Suburban Clinical.
    Greg Skinner
    Skinner Law Firm
  • Hon. James M. Radcliffee (Ret.)
    I have known Ron Vitale for over 35 years. He has devoted his career to designing and implementing treatment programs and providing assessments for substance abuse and addiction issues. During my 20 years on the bench, I was presented with numerous DUI assessments prepared by Ron. I always found them to be thorough and credible.
    Hon. James M. Radcliffee (Ret.)
  • Brian Polinske
    As a DUI defense attorney I fully recommend Ron. I have referred many clients to him over the years who are always satisfied with his quick and professionally conducted evaluations. His office is always my client’s first choice for evaluations.
    Brian Polinske
  • Arlie E. Traughber, Attorney
    I have dealt with Suburban Clinical for many years. The staff always complete their evaluations on a timely basis. It has been my pleasure to work with Suburban Clinical, knowing that my clients will be taken care of efficiently and professionally. It is reassuring to me that I can pick up the phone and discuss matters with Suburban Clinical and always receive a quick response.
    Arlie E. Traughber, Attorney
    Columbia, Illinois
  • Carl J. Civella, Attorney At Law
    The primary focus of my law practice is representing those accused of Driving While Intoxicated. More often than not, they will need an alcohol/drug assessment. I can confidently refer my clients to Mr. Vitale, knowing that he will schedule them expeditiously given the time limitations that we may be facing with the court. Moreover, I can rest assured that his organization will follow up with the court, allowing me to concentrate on the case itself with no other worries. Always efficient. Always courteous. Always professional. That's why I will continue using Ron Vitale and Suburban Clinical.
    Carl J. Civella, Attorney At Law
  • Daniel J. Cuneo, Ph. D.
    I have known Ron Vitale for the past 30 years when he was with Suburban Clinical. He has always been competent, ethical, and the best person I know in substance abuse matters. He has always been my first referral for substance abuse treatment and assessment.
    Daniel J. Cuneo, Ph. D.
Call Ron Vitale at (618) 593-0330 for DUI information and to schedule an appointment.