The professionals at Suburban Clinical are experts in completing alcohol and drug evaluations. We have been completing drug and alcohol evaluations since the DUI Law went into effect in 1986.

Suburban Clinical provides, DUI Evaluations and Updated Evaluations that are required by court and the Illinois Secretary of State Hearings. We also provide DUI Risk Education classes and provide referrals for individuals that need additional classes.

Individuals arrested for a DUI are required by the Circuit Court and Illinois Secretary of State to complete a DUI evaluation. This evaluation determines a DUI risk classification. This classification determines the number of treatment classes and level of care you will need to complete.

You will be recommended one of four classifications. Level 1, Minimal Risk, 10 hours of DUI Risk Education. Level 2, Moderate Risk, 10 hours of DUI Risk Education and 12 hours of Early Intervention treatment classes. Level 2, Significant Risk, 10 hours of DUI Risk Education plus 20 hours of Treatment classes. Level 3, High Risk, 75 hours of Treatment classes, plus 6 to 12 months of Aftercare classes.

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